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Take out a Lifetime Dog Policy to claim a free PitPat. *Terms apply. Limited availability.

Pets are so much more than a house-mate, they are family. And when your little buddy gets sick or injured, we know how expensive and stressful things can get.

Keep them protected with Pets in a Pickle, so you have peace of mind, and they can carry on doing their brilliantly quirky thing! Find out more here

Welcome to the Pets in a Pickle Family

Discover a range of policy options from Pets in a Pickle, each as unique as your pet’s personality! Our playful dogs and cats are always getting themselves into pickles, but with the right level of cover, you can relax, knowing that you are protected.

Pets in a Pickle offer 0% finance (subject to status) for all customers, meaning that you can provide your four legged friend with the healthcare they deserve. From bumps and scrapes to long term illnesses, you can take your dog or cat to the vet without having to worry about unexpected bills and costs. You can purchase a pet insurance policy as soon as your cat or dog turns eight weeks old. Whether you’re a first time pet owner or are adding some four-legged brothers and sisters to your clan, Pets in a Pickle has policies designed to suit you and your purrrfect pal or canine companion.

Find out more and get a quote now, start your quote today!

PLUS, if you take out a Lifetime Dog Policy you will receive a free PitPat Dog Activity monitor. *Terms apply. Limited availability. Find out about PitPat and Pets in a Pickle here!

Why Cover Your Cat Or Dog With Pets In A Pickle?

Life is good with a faithful friend by your side

At Pets in a Pickle, the focus is on protecting your pets in a simple way, but with all the quality you would expect, so that you can enjoy peace of mind.

Because whilst we know pets can be unpredictable, your insurance really shouldn’t be. Keep you fur family protected with reliable pet insurance from Pets in a Pickle

Dog Insurance Policies

Boy hugging his dog

With cover from Pets in a Pickle, you can sit back and enjoy watching them express their extrovert personality without having to worry about what might happen.

PLUS, if you take out a Lifetime Dog Policy you will receive a free PitPat Dog Activity monitor. *Terms apply. Limited availability. Find out about PitPat and Pets in a Pickle here!

Cat Insurance Policies

Girl giving her cat a kiss.

As we all know, sometimes those curious cats and adventurous kittens take it too far, whether they’re getting stuck in the cat flap or exploring in the snow.

With cover from Pets in a Pickle, you can give your cat the independence they crave, without having to wrap them in cotton wool.

Get a quote online today or call now if you’re in a pickle over pet insurance

Pet Plans to Offer Protection.

Pets in a Pickle understands how important your fur babies are, they’re part of the family and should be treated like one! Make sure your furry friends are protected with a comprehensive policy from Pets in a Pickle.

Spread the cost of your annual policy over a year with direct debit payments (subject to status, 0% APR). Find a solution that suits your specific needs from a range of policies so that your cat or dog is covered should the worst happen.

Whether you have dogs, cats or both, Pets in a Pickle gives you peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that your precious pet is covered for MRI and CT scans, boarding fees, loss by theft and so much more.

Speak to a friendly member of the team today who are on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding the policies or payment methods, or just to find out more about cat insurance and dog insurance policies. Simply enter a few details about your pet, including your pet’s breed, gender and purchase price and receive a free quote now.

PLUS, if you take out a Lifetime Dog Policy you will receive a free PitPat Dog Activity monitor. *Terms apply. Limited availability. Find out about PitPat and Pets in a Pickle here!

Top 5 Pet Policy Tips.

When buying your pet make sure you obtain a signed and dated receipt from the seller, with their name and address included. Keep this in a safe place.
To make the most of your pet policy, ask your veterinary surgeon for an estimate before any treatment and shop around, all vets charge different prices so do your research before accepting the first quote you receive.
Make sure your pet has regular routine health checks. Often a routine check will pick up any early signs of illness, which may require treatment, and in some cases can help prevent an illness occurring. Also, maintaining your pets' correct weight is important as being underweight or overweight can lead to other illnesses.
You must make sure your veterinary surgeon fills in and signs a claim form before you fill in your part so you can understand what your vet is claiming for.
To find out veterinary prices, shop around as all policies either have a maximum limit per condition or a pot of money for the year for all conditions so this will make your money go further, meaning you can treat your pet for longer

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1. The following rules (“Specific Rules”) together with the general competition terms and conditions (which can be found at (the “Competition Terms and Conditions”) of Global (as defined in the competition Terms and Conditions) apply to ‘Pets in a Pickle PitPat Radio Promotion’ (the “Promotion”) which will run from 22nd August 2019 to on or before 22nd October 2019 depending on stock availability, across the Smooth Network, Heart Network, Classic FM, Radio X, Capital, Capital Xtra, Gold and LBC (the ‘Radio Station’).

Details of the Promotion:

2. To redeem the promotion, a customer must purchase one of the ‘Lifetime’ Pets in a Pickle policies during the promotional campaign dates and make the first monthly payment. ‘Value’ policies are not eligible for this promotion.

3. Following the purchase of a ‘Lifetime’ policy from Pets in a Pickle and once the first payment has been made (within a month), the customer will be eligible to redeem one free PitPat Dog Activity Monitor per dog insured. Free next day shipping is included.

4. To claim their free PitPat Dog Activity Monitor, customers will receive from Global a text message with a PitPat URL and unique promotional code and will need to enter this unique code at the PitPat online checkout to order the PitPat Dog Activity Monitor free of charge.

5. The campaign is limited to 500 individual Lifetime policy sales. Global reserves the right to end the promotion once the 500 individual Lifetime policies have been purchased. No refunds, exchanges or transfers are available.

6. Pets in a Pickle is not responsible for any issues with the PitPat Dog Activity Monitor. All queries must be directed to PitPat via email to

7. Pets in a Pickle is not responsible for any injuries or problems that may result from use of the PitPat Dog Activity Monitor. Your dog’s health is your responsibility.


8. You must purchase a Lifetime policy with Pets in a Pickle during the promotion period and insure a dog.

9. All insurance policies are subject to underwriting acceptance criteria and all entrants must have residence in either the UK or Northern Ireland.

10. This offer is restricted to one PitPat Dog Activity Monitor per dog insured. This means you can take up more than one Lifetime policy for other dogs in your household during the promotion period and can claim a PitPat Dog Activity Monitor for each eligible dog.

11. New Pets in a Pickle customers only.

12. The promotion is open to owners of UK-based dogs only.

13. The following breeds are not eligible to be insured by Pets in a Pickle: Aladseer, American Pit Bull Terrier, American Bandogge / Mastiff, American Indian, Australian Dingo, Boerboel, Canary Dog, Cane Coros, English Bulldog, Dogo Argentino, Dogue Brasileros, Fila Braziliero, Irish Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Pit Bull / Mastiff, Pit Bull Terrier, Perro De Presa Canario, Thia Ridgeback, Wolf, Wolf Hybrid or a dog crossed with any of these, or any animal registered under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 and The Dangerous Dogs (Northern Ireland) order 1991 or Dangerous Dogs (amendment) Act 1997 or any subsequent amendments.