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In 2013, the United Nations made the decision to crown the 3rd March World Wildlife Day in an effort to grow awareness of the world’s wildlife and plants. With the increase of climate change, non-biodegradable products, and mass population growth, our environment is suffering.

Thanks to mainstream documentaries such as David Attenborough’s Blue Planet, people are having their eyes opened to the suffering of marine life as a result of pollution and climate change issues with our oceans. Changes to paper straws and reducing plastic packaging are two excellent initiatives which have arisen as a result of this more mainstream exposure. To continue building this awareness, this year’s World Wildlife Day theme will be focused on marine life and titled ‘Life Below Water: For People and Planet.’ This will be the first wildlife day centred around our oceans and is expected to get a huge response, so here are 4 small things that you can do to show your support for World Wildlife Day.


1) Social Media on World Wildlife Day

The impact of social media can be huge. Showing your support with shares is a simple and easy way to promote the day. Monitoring the conversations, educating yourself and sharing your own opinion on the issues can raise morale and encourage your peers to get involved with the cause. The World Wild Life day website has a great official social media kit with a range of hashtags and topics to start the conversation.

2) Visit Wildlife Facilities

Take a day trip to go and visit facilities that support wildlife via awareness and donations. Facilities like museums, botanical gardens, national parks and national trust places have given huge support to wildlife and are always looking for new visitors to visit and donate to support the great work they do.

3) Take A Look At Your Environmental Footprint

Take a moment to consider the way you impact the world. Why not pick up litter on your street, or make a note of all the plastic food packaging you use in a day? Once you start to notice these things, they become obvious and jarring. Collect up a weeks worth of plastic waste and see how much it is. Perhaps this will inspire you to go plastic free wherever possible and make small changes like buying loose, instead of packeted veg from the supermarket and bringing a tote bag for your shopping.

4) Learn Something New and Have Fun!

Something as simple as just learning about the topic more and having the knowledge to share with your friends and family is a great way to show support. You could also organise and do your own things for the cause: create posters, adopt a rescue animal, host talks, fundraise for wildlife charities… the possibilities are endless!

Visit the World Wildlife day website for extra ideas and learning resources. Don’t forget to share with us what you are doing for World Wildlife day! Check out the Pets in a Pickle news page for more quizzes and blogs.

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