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We all love our furry friends. The bond we share with them is irreplaceable and we will always adore their weird ways. Our pets can make us laugh for hours, so here are some of our favourite dog videos to brighten your day! Their quirks will be sure to make you smile…

    1. Skateboarding Dog

This little guy can skateboard! His video has 22,500,000+ views which is still ticking up everyday.

2. Who Did It?

Sometimes covering your tracks isn’t as simple as it looks… this chap knows full well that he’s been caught!

3. I Love You

It’s fair to say we shower our pets with verbal love and affection, but we never seem to receive it back… that’s not the case for this Husky!

4. Bacon Lover

As owners we can always tell when our dogs are trying to tell us something, and it’s pretty clear what this pup is after…

5. Fenton!

Sometimes we just have to accept our dogs’ quirks and not let them get the better of us.

Isn’t that right Fenton?


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