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Here at Pets In A Pickle, we understand the importance of keeping your pet safe. As we start to enter the Autumn season, we have put together our top tips to help you keep your pet safe during the colder months.

🧨 Prepare for fireworks

Bonfire night is celebrated on the 5th of November and the noise levels of fireworks can result in dogs feeling threatened and cause anxiety. Here’s our advice of some things you can do to help prevent this:

  • Socialising your puppy or kitten early on will help them to cope with foreign noises, like fireworks, when they are adults.
  • If you have an adult pet that is frightened of fireworks, you can help prepare them for bonfire night by gradually introducing them to louder sounds. One way of doing this is using a video of fireworks or similar noises to help normalise experiencing these sounds.
  • Lastly, you can set up a safe space for your pet, so they have somewhere to go if they feel anxious. Dogs like cosy dens and cats feel safe when high up.

🍂 Autumn hazards

Unfortunately, some popular autumnal plants and decorations can be dangerous for our pets. The last thing we want is for our furry friends to get ill, so here are some hazards to look out for:

  • Keep an eye out for conkers and acorn trees as these seeds are toxic for dogs and common in Autumn.
  • Watch out for blue-green algae which forms between the late spring to early autumn. This type of algae is highly toxic and could potentially harm a pet if they eat it. Dogs who love a dip are more at risk so if you’re worried, keep a close eye on your pets when they go for a swim or a drink!
  • Autumn brings the start of colder months and you may use something like antifreeze to defrost the windows on your car. This product is very toxic to pets and can be tempting, especially for cats, as it has a sweet taste. Make sure to clean up any spills to prevent harm to your pets.
  • Unlit bonfires can be a super tempting spot for animals to curl up on a cold night. Before lighting it, always check your bonfire for any animals that could be there.

🦟 Flea treatments

The Autumn months are one of the worst times in the year for fleas. Fleas thrive in cooler weather, meaning they are a bigger problem for our animal friends in Autumn. A couple of ways you can prevent any issues include:

  • Regular flea treatments. This will help prevent your pet from picking up fleas and suffering from an itchy infestation.
  • As the weather gets colder and we are putting the heating back on in our homes, flea eggs can actually be ‘woken up’ by central heating. Therefore, it’s a good idea to treat your home as well on a regular basis to get rid of any flea eggs that could be waiting to hatch.

🔦 Keep visible

Colder months also mean the nights and mornings are darker. There is nothing more important than keeping your pet safe and visible on evening walkies!

  • To keep you visible to drivers, cyclists and other people out walking, we recommend getting some reflective or high visibility clothing for yourself and your dog. There are even fun flashing lights you can attach to your dogs’ collar if that’s more your thing!
  • You can also find reflective cat collars to keep your feline friends safe in the darker months. When looking for any cat collar, its recommended to find one with a breakaway latch so they don’t risk accidentally strangling themselves when squeezing through tight spaces.

🧂Rock salt

Rock salt, also known as road grip, is used a lot during Autumn and Winter to make road and pavement surfaces less slippery. However, it’s not very healthy for our pets:

  • If ingested, rock salt can cause dehydration and liver failure. To protect your pets from rock salt poisoning, make sure to regularly wipe their paws after they’ve been out or on a walk.

Pets in a Pickle understands how important your pets are – afterall, they’re part of the family and should be treated like one! Make sure your furry friends are protected with a comprehensive policy from Pets in a Pickle. Find out more here

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