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Today is #WorldMentalHealthDay and to help raise awareness, we’ve put together an article on the ways that pets can affect our health and actually help to look after us. Here’s 5 ways owning an animal can be beneficial to your mental health:

Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Exercise and keeping active is a great way to help with anxiety and stress, as it releases endorphins in the body. Having a lively, energetic dog to walk daily is a great way to get your regular exercise and keep fit. Plus, the responsibility of looking after your pet and keeping to a set daily routine can sometimes help to re-focus the mind from any worries.


Pets provide a unique type of company that doesn’t have the potential ups or downs of a human relationship. They’re a constant in life and I’m sure we can agree, there’s nothing more soothing than a cuddle with your pet!

Allergies and Germs

Being exposed to pets at a young age can be beneficial for immunity later in life. Studies show that having exposure to pet fur so young can reduce the chance of developing allergies such as asthma and eczema in the future. Also, with the wide variety of natural germs your pets bring in, your immune system becomes much more resistant!

Heart Health ❤️

The investigation around whether owning a pet reduces the risk of heart related illnesses is still on-going, however there are academic studies that are in favour of this hypothesis. Every time you pet an animal, the soothing sensation lowers your heart rate and blood pressure.

Cancer and Other Illnesses

There are multiple stories where people’s dogs and cats have actually detected certain illnesses in humans. It is said that dogs and cats lick a certain area of their owners (such as moles) or start acting differently around them, only for them to be checked later and an illness to be found.

Amazingly, it has been recognised that animals are able to sniff out chemical changes in the body, including being trained to smell cancer.

Pets Are Amazing!

Who knew our furry friends could be such amazing creatures and have such an effect on health?

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