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Having a baby is a joyous occasion for any family. Whilst the adjustment period can be hard, Pets in a Pickle are here to help make sure that introducing your new baby to your cat or dog isn’t a source of stress. Our top tips are sure to ease you into a great routine ready for your new arrival.

1. Plan in Advance

The best way to approach your pet and your new baby meeting is to make sure you are prepared. If you have a dog, ensure they have been trained not to jump on furniture and that they are obedient when told to ‘sit’ or ‘wait’. Both cats and dogs will need to get used to new routines as well as unfamiliar smells and objects being in the house such as prams and cots. If you plan on restricting your pet’s access to certain areas of the house, then do this with ample time before the baby comes.

2. Meeting the new baby

Your dog and cat should be greeted first when you walk into the house with your new arrival, as naturally they will be excited to see you. Make sure you reward your furry friend for approaching the baby gently with praise and treats. If your pet is uninterested, do not force an interaction as this could form a negative association in their mind.

3. Supervise your pet around your baby

Leaving a cat or dog alone with your baby, no matter how soft their temperament is, is a big no. Having both a baby and a pet requires constant vigilance, so before the baby arrives why not teach your pet to stay in a certain area of your home or use baby gates and screens for times when you need to keep them separated.

4. Don’t exclude your pet

Whilst having a new baby requires attention and a lot of your energies, you should also remember to not exclude your cat or dog. Make sure to include play time with your pet as part of your routine. Your pet’s toys can harbour germs so keep everything clean and apply the same rules to your four-legged friend as you would to your child – play with one toy at a time and always tidy up afterwards!

5. Teach your child to interact with your cat or dog

As soon as your baby starts crawling and walking, they will become enamoured with their surroundings. Make sure that your pet’s toys, treats or beds are not in reach of your child as they can be a choking or germ hazard. However, do let your child interact with your cat or dog. Teach them which areas they can pet and not to grab. Having a pet in your home can be an enriching experience for your youngster as they are in turn taught responsibility and how to care for an animal.

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