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Keeping you and your dog healthy during lockdown

Studies have shown that owning a pet lowers blood pressure and releases serotonin. Therefore, playing and walking our fur-babies can have a positive impact on both pet and owner’s mental health! It’s more important than ever before that we all keep as active as possible during these challenging times. We can achieve this by taking our pets for long walks, as well as lots of playing in the garden (for those of us who have one).

Here are our top three tips to keep you and your dog healthy throughout the lockdown:

• Search Games – Recreate a treasure hunt by hiding treats and toys around the house or garden. This game combines use of senses and regular exercise – so it’s as stimulating as a walk outdoors.
• Combine your exercise for the day with walking your dog – we are only allowed out to exercise or walk our dogs once a day, so why not combine the two and take your furry friend with you? Whether its yoga in the park, or a quick jog, doing it together will keep you both fit and healthy. Also, it’s nice to have a bit of company on your workout too!
Play in the garden – Just 5-10 minutes of running around in the garden can make a huge difference in making you feel more positive!
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Everything you need to know about looking after your pet during lockdown

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