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If you have fur-babies in the family, you may have a few extra presents to buy this Christmas! We know they usually get a lot of enjoyment from burying themselves in our wrapping paper, but we still think it’s nice to add a treat for them under the tree. So, we’ve put together a list of some great stocking fillers for your four-legged family members, if you’re looking for Christmas gifts for pets.

1. Their Own Stocking gifts-for-pets

We all love hanging up our stockings on Christmas Eve, hoping they’ll be full of presents the next morning and with everyone in the family getting their own stocking, why should our pets be left out? And with their very own stocking hanging up, a visit from Santa Paws is sure to come!

This personalised paw stocking from Not on the High Street is our favourite pick.

2. Treats

Who doesn’t love a tasty treat at Christmas? While you dig into a tasty mince pie,  your dog would much prefer a good chew or bone. You could treat your cat to some treats too

These festive Christmas treats from Dreamies are like bread and butter for your cat, and we hear Pets at Home’s ‘bones and stars’ are as a good as a Christmas pud to your dog. dog-stockingdreamies

3. Toys

Toy train, barbie doll or a brand-new Xbox? Your dog would prefer a bouncy new tennis ball, whilst your cat might enjoy the latest cat-nip plushie.

These Christmassy cat-nip balls of fluff from Pet Plant are the cutest cat toys we’ve seen and sure to catch your cat’s eye, while these bouncy balls are likely to have your dog running around for hours.

4. Clothes

As the cold nights draw in, many pet owners love to get their pets their own winter wardrobe to keep them warm! Getting a luminescent coat for your dog is also a great way to keep safe while on walks now nights are darker.


Check out the range of Christmas doggy outfits from pets at home, as well as some Christmas cat products.

5. Lead/Collar

red-collar Some people are still a little unsure on pet clothes and who can blame them? Not all cats love waltzing around the house with a bright red cape and we’ve all seen the videos of dogs walking with things on their feet. 😂 So why not settle for some more festive but traditional accessories like a new collar.

We think that this glittery collar from Cool Cat Collars is the perfect way for your cat to get Christmassy without going all out. For dogs, we love these classy, patterned dog collars from Scrufts that just bark ‘CHRISTMAS!’

6. Collar Accessories

Once you’ve got the collar, why not get some more pet accessories? From bandanas to bowties, you can add lots of different things to your pets’ collars and spice up their looks during the holiday season… though you may want to take the bells off during the night! 😳

Are you a fan of sprouts? They may not be the tastiest of vegetables, but Top Dog Collar’s sprout bandana is a super cute accessory for your dog or cat’s collar. bowtie

If you’re looking for something a little sweeter, why not try this ‘Ye Old sweet shop’ bow tie from Salt Dog Studios?

7. Bed


We all love a good Christmas duvet to get into the festive mood.

This Christmas pudding pet bed from Matalan is absolutely hilarious. Or if you don’t want to go too extravagant or you’ve just got a really big dog, a simple Christmassy blanket from Wilko is guaranteed to keep your pet nice and warm during the night.


8. Food Bowls

Most people will admit that the best part of the Christmas meal is the left overs and I’m sure your pets like them even more. But if you’re going to eat Christmas dinner, you’ve got to do it in style!

This personalised bowl from Zazzle is a perfect gift for your pet – check it out on Not on the High Street.

9. Cologne?!

As if it couldn’t get crazier, someone’s invented a Christmas Cookies cologne for pets. This spray will make your pet smell of freshly baked Christmas goods… what more could you ask for? 😂🍪

10. Something Strange 😳

They say a dog is a man’s best friend, but how can your canine be your best mate if you can’t even drink a good pint with them? Imagine sitting at the bar, man and dog drinking beer while watching the footie, sorry, the frisbee. Well your dreams are coming true: there is now a non-alcoholic beer that is made exclusively for dogs… and fries to go with it. Check it out here.

Which gifts for pets did you like best? Make sure you tell us on social media, and send us pictures if you find any more cool Christmas gifts for your pets. 🎁

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