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As we near Christmas, we want to make it super easy for you to find that paw-fect present for your furry family members!

So, we have partnered with our favourite online shop, Dogs Dogs Dogs, where you can find everything you need for your pet dog, all under one woof!

We interviewed Doggy CEOs Holly & Berry to find out more… 

Tell us a bit about yourself and Dogs Dogs Dogs.

My name is Berry, I am a Black Labrador and I am the Barketing Officer for Dogs Dogs Dogs, I work alongside my four legged friend Holly the Spaniel who is the company’s Chief Technical Dog. In 2018 after many long walks we decided that Dogs needed a better deal when it came to customer service and the quality of products on offer. We decided to launch the business when it became clear there was no single place that offered a range of luxury dog beds that had been tried and tested by other dogs.

I can tell you it took a long time to come up with the name. We approached lots of brand agencies all of whom wanted to complicate things with clever titles but over the water bowl Holly looked at me and just repeated our favourite word and Dogs Dogs Dogs was born. The name also ensures no cats get the wrong idea and try their paw at shopping here.

We have a wide range of dog beds, leads and collars and even dog drying coats and mitts all of which are tested firsthand by Holly and I before they are allowed to be sold. Did you know that the average dog spends 14 hours asleep per day, that’s a lot of sleeping and we want to ensure every dog gets a good nap hence our choice of Earthbound, Danish Design and Country Dog brands, they ensure a better nights sleep. The business is growing rapidly have since employed a Doberman (Buster) to look after the finances.

What’s it like to be the first pair of paws to run an online pet store?

Running your own pet store is a bit like having free access to the food bin but without the food. As a Labrador that really would be a taste of success and a dream come true (apologies I get distracted easily by food chat). We get to try out all the new beds and pick the one we love the best to keep. My favourite time is when we do a photo shoot, we get to bring our friends along and if you don’t keep still for the camera the humans give you treats. Needless to say I haven’t sat still on a shoot yet until they get really angry or run out of treats, in which case my work is done for the day. As the boss you also get to say when you want walkies and the furniture at the office is just as good as at home because it’s also dog friendly.

What’s the day in the life of a Barketing Manager?

As Barketing Manager I am responsible for the upkeep of the website and social media. Holly is always hounding me for stats and to find out how many leads I have generated each week. I find this side of the business a little dull as it keeps me out of my warm bed, but to be able to afford a few extra treats makes it worth it. My day starts with a half hour walk round the fields behind our office to admire the sheep and chew on some grass. Once in the office I try and avoid the coffee until after lunch because it interferes with nap time. The morning is usually filled with packing and fulfilling sales from the previous day. I get to test out new beds and file a Lab report for Holly to run through. We also discuss any new products we might want to stock and get in touch with them to see if they will work with us. Lunch is the same old food in a bowl, however on Fridays we head up to the pub for lunch with other dogs and natter around the communal dog bowl at the end of the bar, it is a great opportunity to network with other like minded dogs.

The rest of the day is taken up with handling customers enquiries via the dog and bone and live chat on the website. When it is time for home, Holly and I jump into our own cars and enjoy a nap on the way back ready to start work fresh the next day. When I get home I paw myself a nice drink and watch the telly to see if there any new products out there that we should be selling.

What do you look for in an ideal dog bed?

An ideal dog bed for me has lots of cushioning on the bottom and high sides to keep drafts away. I’m 13 years old this week and as you can imagine, that means aching joints. My personal physician (a chap called vet) has told me to get extra crate pads to supplement the floor of my bed. We live in a particularly drafty house in Dorset so high sides ensures the drafts waft over my head rather than into them. The last essential for both Holly and I would be the waterproof functionality of the dog bed. Holly loves to chase pheasants into wet bushes and I just love to roll in mud and anything that smells great. This means regular washing, so the waterproof bed means we get to dry off in comfort whilst not upsetting our owners quite so much.

What are the DogsDogsDogs best sellers?

One of my favourites is the Dog Drying Coat and Mitt. When you have been for a swim in the cold sea, you can jump into the drying coat for the journey home. These prove very popular whenever it rains. You can also add a dog drying Mitt from Ruff and tumble which is like an oven glove for drying your coat, it also ensures an extra tickle whilst getting dry. We seem to attract a lot of larger dogs, so the jumbo waterproof dog bed from Country Dog is a winner. With massive walls and huge surface area you can almost disappear into it.

What’s the all-time best dog toy?

My all time favourite dog toy has to be my masters Dunlop Green flash tennis shoe which tastes fantastic for some reason and is chewable for years. For some reason it winds my owner up massively which is brilliant. Holly’s would have to be her rubber pheasant that keeps her fascinated and travels from home to the office every day. She’s a dumb old dog and never seems to catch a live one (please don’t tell her I said that) so maybe this is why she is so happy with it.

If you had to live off one treat for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

Seriously, that is the best question ever! You’re asking a Labrador what her favourite treat is that she could live on for the rest of her life. Maybe I am being too dogmatic about it, the simple answer is anything remotely edible, doesn’t even have to be food as such. On a serious note though, it would be pigs ears, I have a penchant for them, I love the saltiness and crunchiness. Plus if you keep it in your mouth whilst walking it becomes soggy and delicious.

Holly is a little more sophisticated than me and would be happy with lumps of cheese.

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