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Expanding your family with a cat or dog is always exciting, whether they are brand new to the world or whether you have adopted a rescue. Insuring your new friend is important and one of the first things you should do to protect your pet. Pets in a Pickle has a range of insurance covers, designed to protect you and your four-legged friends should anything unfortunately stop their tails wagging! Co-insurance is becoming more common in the pet industry, especially amongst those whose pets are older.

What does copayment mean on pet insurance?

Co-insurance means that should your pet get into a pickle, you would pay towards the vet fee claim, after the excess has been deducted. With a Pets in a Pickle policy, the amount that is mandatory to pay as part of your co-insurance is 10% (for pets aged six or over).

Let’s use an example: if a claim was made of £300, the excess of £85 would be deducted leaving a remaining bill of £215. You would then be required to pay 10% of the left-over balance, which is £21.50, meaning that you would only pay £106.50 overall. The rest of the bill will be covered, so you can rest assured knowing your pet is protected.

Why apply for co-insurance?

Co-insurance is designed for your furry friends who are entering their senior years. Older pets are, unfortunately, more likely to suffer from health issues, meaning that those dreaded trips to the vet could become more frequent than anticipated. The inclusion of co-insurance for Pets in a Pickle policies means that by you contributing towards the cost of claiming, it enables your premium to stay as low as possible.

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