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Saturday 10th October is #WorldMentalHealthDay and to raise awareness, we’ve pulled together some information about animals and how they help us in our day to day life. Here is 5 ways owning an animal can be beneficial to your mental health:


Exercise and activity are proven ways of helping reduce anxiety and stress. Having a playful pup can add some motivation and fun to your daily activity and is a great way of changing up your regular exercise.
Pets can be very helpful for people who are feeling anxious as studies show that petting or playing with animal can reduce stress related hormones and help increase happy hormones.
Lastly, the responsibility that comes with owning a pet and keeping to a routine can help re-focus the mind and reduce stress.


They say that the best companions rarely have fewer than four feet! The relationship between a person and their pet is a really unique one. They don’t have the same ups and downs that a human relationship does and are always there when you just need a cuddle.
Interestingly, the act of caring for another being gives us a sense of purpose and sometimes that is all someone needs to feel better. Ultimately, our pets create a sense of company and security that is unmatched.


Believe it or not, there is actually health benefits to being exposed to pets at a younger age. Studies show that exposure to animal fur at a such an age can reduce chances of developing allergies and conditions like asthma and eczema later on in life.
Exposure can also strengthen your immunity system as pets can bring all sorts of natural and unharmful germs into the home which can make your immune system more resistant.


Research around the relationship between owning a pet and reduced risk of heart related illnesses is something that is still actively going on. The hypothesis of this research is that every time you pet an animal, the soothing sensation lowers your heart rate and blood pressure. There are actually academic studies in favour of this hypothesis.


Lots of people have read and shared different stories of pets detecting certain illnesses in their owners. It is said that indications like a dog or cat licking a certain area of their owner, such as a mole, has in some cases lead to the owner getting it checked and an illness being found.
Service dogs can be trained to detect a whole host of different diseases from diabetes to certain cancers. It’s recognised that animals are able to sniff out chemical changes in the body, and in turn can make life changing detections.


Who knew our furry friends could be such amazing helpers and have such a positive impact on our lifestyle?
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