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Dogs make perfect pets and are full of affection for their owners. From Labradors to German Shepherds, Poodles to Bulldogs, there isn’t a breed on the planet that isn’t adorable. When it comes to your canine companion, how much do you really know? Here’s 5 interest facts about dogs:

1. Dogs sweat through their paws

Did you know that the only sweat glands dogs have are in their paws? That’s why on a hot day your dog will start panting in order to circulate cool air around their bodies. If it’s particularly warm outside, then it is important to keep your pet safe in the heat.

2. Puppies Mature Quickly

Whilst many people think that one year of a dog’s life equates to seven years of a human’s, this is actually not the case. For many breeds, your puppy will physically mature to the equivalent of a fifteen-year-old human. The rate at which your dog ages after their first year depends on how big it is, for example a Great Dane will reach maturity quicker than a Jack Russel Terrier.

3. Dogs have Heightened Senses

It is common knowledge that dogs like bloodhounds and springer spaniels have a great sense of smell. Anyone who has accidentally knocked their dog’s food bowl and had their pet come running in from a distance will also know that canines are great at hearing! However, did you know that a dog can hear up to four times as far as a human? If you think that’s impressive, get this…their sense of smell can be well over one thousand times better than ours!

4. Your Pet can Sense Your Feelings

Has your dog ever comforted you when you’ve felt down? Celebrated with you when you were excited? Your furry friend can pick up on changes in your scent that are associated with different emotions. It’s this same amazing sense of smell that allows some dogs to detect pregnancies, diseases and seizures.

5. Dogs are more intelligent than you think!

Scientifically speaking, a fully matured dog is just as smart as a two-year old toddler! Both can understand over two hundred gestures and words. Your pup also picks up on routines, so they know around what time they’re going to be fed, when they’re going for a walk and when it’s time for bed.

Want to know more facts about dogs?

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